About us

Botta Tours is the story of a passion of a family. The passion is for the engines , the family is that of Botta, which open in the garage Civiasco B. Motors. It quickly becomes important for the area, following the technological development of the industry by acquiring tools and machinery.

Meanwhile, the Sesia Valley knows a great development of tourism especially thanks to the ski resorts of Scopello and Alagna and generally tied to mountain tourism . They also improve freeway connections to the airports (Milan and Turin) and from the ports of Genoa and Savona. B. Motors then began working in the field of tour and car rental with driver. The company became a point of reference for the entire valley, the citizens of the neighboring towns and travel agencies appreciate the seriousness and professionalism of the services and cater to Botta to organize their own trips and tours in Italy and abroad. Twenty years experience.

A few more years and the B. Motors inaugurates the business of renting cars and vans.

B. Motors then work in three distinct areas: